Thursday, April 5, 2012

Real Housewives of Dallas County

In March 2012, Bravo TV eluded to a new "Real Housewives" series of Dallas County. With the massive viewership of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2.8 Million viewers on just one episode) more and more women ages 18-49 are tuning in to Reality TV shows for fashion and lifestyle tips. We all love the Kardashian's Mercedes and Land Rovers right? Bravo would be smart to add Dallas to its' list of luxurious cities where housewives are naughty, haughty and downright spoiled. Some of the rumored housewives for the "Real Housewives of Dallas County" have been Rhonda Aikman, Lisa Troutt, Diane Gibby and Deziree Ramirez. With the exception of Rhonda Aikman aren't most of you Dallas residents left scratching your heads in wonder of who these women are.

Rhonda and Troy Aikman split in 2011 after a very private divorce. (So, she is a single woman, not a "housewife" like so many on the Bravo Series) Troy Aikman Ford shut its' doors in 2007 after just 2 years of ownership by the Aikmans. Aikman blamed the location for the dealership's failure. With more and more auto dealerships moving towards mostly online sales, the expense of a big facility on major highways has been passed on to the customers. This is one reason why is 100% indoors. With lower employment and insurance costs, we are able to give our customers lower prices.

Lisa Troutt, other than being the wife of the Famous Kentucky Derby Trainer Kenny Trout, is a local philanthropist. She seems far to well behaved and balked at the rumors that she would be on "The Real Housewives of Dallas County."

Diane Gibby is a plastic surgeon and owner of her co-owned practice The Women's Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Other than being an expert in other women's tummies and breasts, what drama could she possibly bring to the table?

To throw a little bit of downright dirty into the mix, Deziree Ramirez was also rumored to be on the show. In 2011 she was named one of the "Most Beautiful & Successful women under 30" by Maxim magazine. She has both "Latex Fetish Magazine" and "Playboy" on her resume.

Come on Dallas Housewives! I interact with you every day. Being in the car business, I could name names of some of the most scandalous women in the city. Aren't there many more women we'd love to learn more about? On my short list would be Gina Ginsburg, the second wife of Scott Ginsberg and the step-mother of Drew Ginsberg (the star of another Bravo hit "Most Eligible Dallas"). She exhumes glamour, shopping and hitting the Dallas hot spots in fabulous luxury cars. Another might be Jessica Olsson, the fiance of beloved Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. With so many fabulous women shopping daily at Highland Park Village and Northpark Center, can't we put a better face on Dallas Housewives?

Who would you like to see on the Real Housewives of Dallas County?